Agent Affiliate – Great Job Great Income

As an agent 30JILI you will receive a huge amount of revenue if you complete your job well. This is considered a new form that many people are wanting to learn about. In the article below we will share information from A to Z so you can grasp it quickly.
What are the advantages of becoming agent 30JILI?
30JILI is currently a prestigious playground that many people appreciate. Therefore, after you collaborate, you will receive countless great advantages such as:
High profits
One of the points that you can see very clearly is the very high profits. The bookmaker will bring many incentives to its members.
After becoming a JILIBVIP agent, you will have a very high discount and be paid back every month. This bonus will be added directly to your account by the system.
Become agent 30JILI will be used images
After officially becoming a 30JILI agent, you will have the right to use images and brands to promote to players. This also helps you attract more new people to sign up for your link, helping to increase profits.
Participant in training encourage
When you want to become a collaborator with this unit but you are worried that you do not have experience. However, you don’t need to worry too much about this issue. The dealer will have dealer training sessions for you to develop your skills.
Many incentives for agent 30JILI
Not only members, but the bookmaker also offers many incentives to its agents. You will enjoy great incentives for completing the task well. When you achieve enough KPI indicators, you will also receive additional sales bonuses.
Revenue from Agent 30JILI
Those who intend to register as an agent of this house will be eligible for the following packages:
Profit up to 85% with royalty amount of 15%.
The 84% royalty profit would be 16%.
Profit 83%, royalties 17%.
In addition, when working, members need to ensure that they deposit points and make full payments to the bookmaker. To calculate royalties is not too complicated, just subtract the royalties. The higher the player’s bet amount, the greater the dealer’s revenue. After deducting additional costs, you will easily calculate the amount of money you will earn.
Instructions for registering Agent 30JILI
To become a partner with this playground, players should follow these steps:
Step 1: Visit the official homepage of this unit to make a request. In the main interface, if you do not have an account, click the “register” button and fill in the required information.
Step 2: After completing, please visit the official homepage and select the agent section.
Step 3: Read information about the regulations and terms to determine whether you qualify or not. If you have enough, just click on “register as a 30JILI agent”.
Step 4: Fill in all important information from the form such as: full name, phone number, bank account, etc. These parts need to be accurate and cannot be wrong or used by others.
Step 5: Once completed, please check again to ensure accuracy and then click “confirm”.
Step 6: Within a short period of time, a staff member will call you back to verify the information. After officially becoming an agent, you can start your work.
To become an Agent 30JILI what do you need to keep in mind?
Through the information above, readers have partly grasped the advantages of becoming a collaborator with this playground. Below are some issues that bettors need to keep in mind when registering as a 30JILI agent such as:
There are stable costs
As an agent 30JILI is not only done within 1-2 days but it requires you to have stable maintenance costs. Therefore, having a source of capital is very necessary. Then you will maintain this service for about 1 – 2 months. However, once you have a number of customers, you will quickly recover the initial investment.
Laws in the place of residence
When you want to become agent 30JILI, you need to pay attention to whether the law where you live allows this behavior or not.
If you are Vietnamese and currently living in countries such as the Philippines, Thailand, or Cambodia, doing this is very normal. These are all countries that currently legalize the above behavior. Therefore, when you register, you will not have to worry about legal issues.
However, on the contrary, in Vietnam, this is considered a wrong thing to do. Our country currently does not accept all acts of betting in different forms. Therefore, this will be considered an illegal business and related to the law. Therefore, paying attention to the legality of the place where you live is extremely important.
What is the experience to become a good 30JILI agent?
If you want to be successful and get big bonuses then follow the tips below as follows:
Know the rules firmly
Taking the time to learn about the rules and terms is something every agent needs to do. Thereby you will know the rights and benefits you will receive. This also avoids cases of questions or doubts when problems arise. In addition, if you have any issues that you do not understand clearly, please ask for help from the customer service department.
As agent 30JILI, you need have betting knowledge
When working as a 30JILI agent, if you want to advise many people, you need to have the most general knowledge about all types of games. At that time, you will be ready to give answers to the players’ questions. This also helps promote the brand to users better.
Know how to calculate commission when working as a 30JILI agent
Once you are a 30JILI agent, you also need to know how to calculate commissions to determine the amount of money you will earn. Usually each bookmaker will offer different discounts. However, 30JILI will give you a bonus completely worthy of the effort you have put in.
Know how to find players
Knowing how to find players is extremely important that you need to master when becoming a 30JILI agent. This is the fastest way to help you increase your bonus amount. You can use your social relationships to introduce more members to the bookmaker. After having many registrations through that link, you will earn huge profits. Don’t forget to use the brand of this playground to create more credibility.
So the steps to register agent 30JILI have been presented above. Hopefully through that you will grasp it accurately and do it quickly and simply. If the operation is not successful, please contact us to receive help!